Say Sukii Flowers is currently based in Miami, FL and led by Floral Artist + Creative Director, Sukii

Using flowers as our primary medium, we like to think outside of the “flower shop”  while embodying next generation floristry & contemporary art. We provide private and corporate clientele with floral arrangements, set design/styling, wedding/events services and subscription options.

The concept of the Say Sukii brand evolved from the idea that positive affirmations really do assist in shaping the world around us for the better. We wanted the brand to serve as an actual affirmation, while spreading love and light through the sharing of flowers. 

How is "Say Sukii" an affirmation? 

In the Japanese culture the term "sukii" (verb pronounced: soo-key) translates in english to the term "to like/love" . Sukii, not of Japanese decent, enjoyed the new found correlation to her name as a sign. While building the brand in 2015, she coined the term "Say Sukii" as a play on words: meaning SAY “YOU LIKE“ or SAY “YOU LOVE”. 

It is understood that flowers, for many years, have been a staple in promoting peace and natural beauty. It is also understood that "people don't get the flowers while they can still smell them". Say Sukii Flowers is here to encourage individuals to say that they like, love, enjoy, appreciate, admire, someone or something - while we have the chance to do so. 

Simply, we are an advocate for a real love and peace experience, through the sharing & expression of flowers.

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by definition,


say sukii is *ART


*the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.