just me & mine | just Sukii + flowers


When you're out there creating your lane and trying to make those waves it might get lonely. "They" won't all get it. Sometimes its going to feel like it's JUST YOU & YOUR THING (my thing is flowers, your thing might be music or makeup or basketball, or whatever...) & it'll get hard... Yup, lonely & hard. BUT when you stay focused on the right ideas like why you started and the passion you have for "your thing", you WILL create that lane you need and make those waves you want. 

Lonely & hard moments can be so misunderstood... they aren't there to break you, those moments are there to MAKE YOU. So just go with the flow of all your moments. Learn and live in each moment and remember that those same lonely & hard moments tend to be the most beautiful pages to look back on when reading your success story. 

_Sukii <3 

Photography: Esdras Thelusma IG: @phototea @esdrasthelusma