"Always Beautiful" - APTSS 002 Recap

Image courtesy of Kosi Victor

Image courtesy of Kosi Victor

A Place To Say Sukii

Exhibition 002: "Always Beautiful"

February 9, 2018 : Gallery Launch Event

February 13, 2018 : Valentine's Day Pop Up Shop

Location :  Ropa Vieja - Hialeah Miami, FL

Powered by : Muses of Miami & Ropa Vieja

Dear You, 

It was all a dream.


Expanding my business into my own personal playground of expression? Yes, that was all just a dream that I could have never imagined feeling this heartwarming. *cries* 

I'm not sure exactly when it happened but as I reflect back, I feel like it was more so just an evolution of my relationship with flowers that brought me to where I am today. It's no secret that as a Florist, I absolutely love what I do. I always knew I wanted to explore the possibilities beyond the traditional "flower shop" boundaries. The day came where I saw the flowers as more than just ornamental or decoration but as a medium for deep self-expression and relatively unconventional art. 

I have a long way to go to actualize my goal of this new found artist platform and it's a fact that The "A Place To Say Sukii" Exhibition Series has a lot more to offer to the world, so for now i just want to let you know that I am happy to have started this new journey and much like a really good dream that we don't want to wake up from when we hear the alarm going off... I am so ready to keep on dreaming and see what other magical moments I can experience along the way. 

I am grateful for this beautiful beginning.

I am grateful for the learning opportunities that naturally derive from a new endeavor. 

I am grateful for EVERYONE that stopped by these events. I am because you are.

With Gratitude

In Real Life,



Above images courtesy of Kosi Victor

What is Always Beautiful Anyway?

This particular February installation entitled “Always Beautiful” of the A PLACE TO SAY SUKII exhibition series is built around the concept "we are always beautiful." For this particular installation, A PLACE TO SAY SUKII promotes the concept that there is always beauty to be found in every stage of life. It promotes the concept that similar to the primary medium used in the artwork (flowers), we too will not last forever in any one specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state. We are always changing & evolving, just like flowers and as we do so through the many stages of life, we are always beautiful.

The exhibition title boasts the affirmation “Say Sukii” which was originally created as a play on words, meaning to “say you like it” or “say you love it” (derived from the word “suki” in Japanese culture that translates in English to the word "like/love”).

A Place To Say Sukii = A Place To Say You Love It.

Photo courtesy of Kosi Victor

Photo courtesy of Kosi Victor

#APlaceToSaySukii #APTSSAlwaysBeautiful #SaySukiiFlowers


Photography courtesy of Phil Nice

#APlaceToSaySukii #APTSSAlwaysBeautiful #SaySukiiFlowers


Photography courtesy of Amor Capdevila

P.S. -

As a mother, business owner and artist often times it's difficult to find the perfect balance in it all. However, my 5 year old daughter has made finding that balance a bit easier because she's literally my biggest fan and most genuine supporter. Her unconditional love and encouragement put the battery in my back and I am beyond grateful that this is our story. 

Here's a few pics of her giving guests "a tour" and her personal take on the exhibit!!

Yes, my heart did almost explode.

P.P.S. -

A HUGE and special shout out to my favorite Taylor Crosley of Ame Style for designing these outfits for us! She is magical with her hands - please hit her up for all of your styling needs! <3 

P.P.P.S - 

With all that was going on this year with the installation and the collaboration projects all being in the height of my holiday season (Valentine's Day) I decided to have a one stop Pop Up Shop for clients to pick up their pre-orders and also enjoy the exhibit! I am ever grateful to my clients that make my business possible and the folks at Ropa Vieja for allowing me to use your space and being such a pleasure to work with!

Here are a few pics of Tuesday night's fun! (More pics on the way)

Photography courtesy of Amor Capdevila


  • Roselena, Tiffton, Taylor, James Klynn, Spinelli, Shedine, Passion and Amiyah Qi for all of your help and dedication to the late night installation that brought this vision to life! You all are the real MVPs.
  • Kristabel, Creative Director at Muses Of Miami / Sponsorship
  • Kyle, Owner of Ropa Vieja / Sponsorship
  • DJ's Naj & Victor
  • 305 Vibe Food Truck

Wait... PSA!

If you are one of those awesome humans that have good vibes only, YOU are cordially invited to the third exhibition in the APTSS Series 

"Healing The Feeling" 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

6:00pm - 12:00am

Wynwood, Miami



Interested in having Say Sukii Flowers/Art at your next event? Contact us with the details, we'd love to!