miami, fl

floral artist

26 years 


flower whisperer


tea enthusiast


loud music addict




crystal charger 



beach at night regular



sage/incense investor



Finding an art form to express your creativity is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. Late 2010, I landed a small job that would change my life forever. At the time, I was responsible for the entire floral department of a health foods marketplace. This same responsibility became my new found love as I realized I had a natural talent and appreciation for the art form of floral design.

I truly believe that life is not only about losing the ego and finding your true self, but is also about creating yourself by constantly sharing your light with others. I found all of these feats through my simple interaction with flowers. I learned to appreciate the flowers that had been gracefully put on this earth for us and naturally learned to design them in ways that made others smile. The look on a customer's face, was the greatest reward, as they saw their arrangement.

It was during the beginning stages of that job placement, that I knew I wanted to pursue floristry for the rest of my life. Coming to that realization, I proclaimed myself an artist - a florist for the people, and made it a mission of mine to continue creating using flowers as my primary medium, to positively impact the lives of others.  


_Sukii, Floral Artist