Dear Mama,

Thanks for all you do

You've sacrificed a lot

So this day is for you

Though we all know you deserve a lot more

My only goal in life

Is making sure you never fall

I know you have secrets you've never told me

I know you hide scars

Too proud to ever show me

That's so me

I'm just like you

Standing on the Sun

while admiring the Moon

You made sure we ate

before you had a plate

They ask why I'm so selfless

I learned it from a great

I have to say

Ma, I miss those days

helping you clean the house

singing the songs you played

Performing in the middle of the living room

You didn't have a mic

You just used the broom

I was your audience

Hung on every verse

We won't always agree

but I'll obey your words

Since birth you were a superstar to me

Other planets look at us 

it's your light they see

Dear mama,

You're a superstar to me

There's nothing you can't do

Nothing you can't be

Dear mama,

You're a super star to me.

- James Klynn




Dear Mama,

I just want you to be proud

I'm blessed and honored to be your child 

You taught me not to focus on my fears

still carrying me after all these years

I know that your home is above

only angels could hold this love

Your discipline was just a lesson

If you were stern

it was only to send a message

I didn't always listen

You didn't stop speaking

I had to learn on my own

You never stopped teaching

I studied your actions

and I applaud you

You put your life on the line

when God called you

I adore you

You reign on this planet

you made mistakes

Just don't take them for granted

A seed was planted 

and you let it bloom

there's a garden in your womb

that's why our hearts are in-tune

- James Klynn