Blendid Oils Styled By Say Sukii


Blendid Oils were created as a natural alternative to body and self care. They are all natural, hand crafted, and infused with cannabis oil to create signature blends that are designed to relieve stress, discomfort and acute ailments.

Kyra, Owner & Curator at Blendid Oils, reached out to us to style the photoshoot that would assist in bringing her signature blends to life as she set out to launch her company. 

As an on-the-regular essential oils user and fan of the body oil experience I was naturally excited to be a part of this project. It was also a huge plus & an absolute pleasure to work with this all girl team. The creative team consisted of the beautiful models, photography by the brilliant Krystal Greaves of Afrohueman Visuals, make up by Zanetta C, styling by Say Sukii and directed by Kyra. YESSS for girl power! 


BLEND 1 - "stress fix" feat. lavender & sage

model wears: fresh lavender & fresh sage head piece & bouquet


BLEND 2 - "energy" feat. lemongrass & ylang ylang

model wears: lily grass choker, lily grass infused lemon bouquet, green dendrobium orchids in hair as ylang ylang inspiration 


BLEND 3 - "vanilla" feat. vanilla & sandalwood

model wears: fresh cymbidium orchid as vanilla orchid inspiration




brand: blendid oils

photography: krystal greaves of afrohueman visuals

make up artist: zanetta c

models: bree, sabii, alexsa

floral design & styling: say sukii flowers


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