THE Tomii Culmer + #SaySukiiStyling

To My Fellow Creatives: Anyone familiar with that moment when you have a vision for something you want to see come to life, so you immediately start to think of all the ways to make it happen? Maybe it takes days or even weeks to find all the answers but in that moment you might start thinking of: 

  • what materials you will need to get it done,
  • how much it's going to cost you,
  • what day on your ever busy schedule you have to fit in the new project ,
  • best location options that aren't "overdone"
  • what photographer is going to capture your vision best,
  • who's the perfect model to translate your creation into something the masses could resonate with?
  • will the photographer & muse have the chemistry to produce the quality content your vision deserves?
  • etc. ect. ect. 

Yeah? Me too, Fellow Creative me too.

One day, while working on my never-ending styling portfolio, I had this vision to create a functional "fresh flower scarf" and of course all of these thoughts ran through my mind... but this time it came together in a matter of minutes! 

Although my thoughts came together in a matter of minutes, I don't believe I was any less prepared for the magic that the three of us were about to conjure up. I honestly believe it couldn't have had a more smooth execution. As creatives, we tend to be hard on ourselves during the creation process and then so critical of our work after its done. We don't usually take a minute to really relish in the work that was produced, appreciate our ability to get it done, and pat ourselves on the back for being the shit!  Not every project is going to be a huge task, a hard brainstorm, or even a long drawn out process. There's so much magic in the art of the "impromptu project". 


So here's me taking the time to appreciate a few awesome things about this project:

  1. Tomii (model) just happened to be in town the week of my vision and we had been itching to work together again since our first photoshoot back in April! I cannot imagine anyone more perfect for the job, as you can CLEARLY see via her killing the pieces in these photos. 
  2. Tomii was also a Miss. Universe contestant in 2014. Like really? How'd I get so blessed to work with this gem!  
  3. Passion (photographer), who is also a personal favorite of mine (you'll find more of her work sprinkled throughout the blog) made herself available to get the job done, despite her actually really busy schedule that day.  
  4. I picked up the flowers that morning with no clue how I wanted it to turn out in real life, yet finished BOTH pieces (crown & scarf) in under an hour. AND was completely excited about the end result! 

Thank you, Universe. Always coming in the clutch.

Wonderfully enough, I personally know both the model & photographer and I enjoy the chemistry we share on set. What I enjoy most about the project is the level of passion that exudes thru the photos. Both Tomii & Passion have a way of translating the love they have for their craft into their work and it is inspiring to be a part of a team with that depth. This shoot was not just business but also an afternoon of pleasure including an after work feast. You know its a good day when your lunch consists of sushi, ceviche, & french fries. Haha, yes I said sushi, ceviche, AND French fries. 

*Kind of important to note: At Say Sukii Flowers, we are all about the vibes and yummy food is always a vibe... ^_^

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