What's Normal Anyway?


In today's society, the constant images we see often become the premise of what we perceive to be "acceptable" or not, "normal" or not, "cool" or not, "trending" or not, and so on...

As a creative that enjoys the beauty and intricacies of conceptual art, I find it important to produce content that not only breaks barriers but questions the audience to find "normalcy" and beauty in any and every thing.

It's almost common knowledge that flowers, for decades, have been a staple in promoting peace and natural beauty. The popular term "flower child" can be dated back to the late 60's, when individuals would wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace and love.  This photo series is dedicated to that notion, and supporting those same ideals for today and the future.  

So back to the normalcy thing: Is it normal for masculine figures to be adorned in fresh flowers? 

What's normal anyway? (Miguel voice)

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Passion Ward

Muses: (in order of appearance)

Brandon Ra - visual artist

Marcel - singer/ songwriter

Sekajipo - performing artist, activist

James Klynn - poet, emcee, educator

Floral Styling & Creative Direction: 

Say Sukii