Flowers + Family Portraits


family portraits

styled by: say sukii

photography by: ra image

featuring: aja monet, umi selah, smokey baldwin & melonius miles

(aka mom, dad, smokey & melo)


BTS FUN FACT #1: Young brothers, Smokey & Melo, were REALLY good boys behind the camera. Shout out to great dog parenting. 

BTS FUN FACT #2: He arranged this SURPRISE photoshoot for her to be adorned in flowers & surrounded by her family... all to celebrate the magic of the day she was born onto this earth! #lovegoalsinreallife

BTS FUN FACT #3 Watching this moment get captured on set, this ever so genuine moment (see below), was the most fulfilling. Really and truly we wanted nothing more than to see her happy as she celebrated her legendary life on this special day. Ah, what a smile! *heart eyes emoji* #blessedearthstronggirlfriend

BTS FUN FACT #4: #LOVERIOT will soon take over the world. Stay tuned.

(call it a prophecy if you want)

just remember you heard it here first.


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