10/22 Preach + Jungle Island Event Recap






Preach aka Mr. Miller, musical genius in real life & humble creative, recently released a project titled Jungle Island. 

I was honored to be a part of the magic that he put together for the preview event as I understand how special this project is to him! He wanted to play on the dichotomy of his hometown, Miami. The two very contrasting elements that Miami embodies, can be metaphorically compared to that of a treacherous jungle and also that of a beautiful island. 

Preach allowed me to transform the stage and the most important elements of the music, the instruments! The goal was simply to embody the feels he sought out to portray through the work on the project. Using fresh flowers, greenery, & earthly elements I'd like to say we accomplished just that!

Check out the photos & styling details below! <3


above: preach + keytar, styled in orchids

above: ob + bass guitar, styled in orchids & ruscus & roses

above: jarryd + saxophone, styled in ruscus

above: set styled in palm leaves & willow & birds of paradise & heliconia & roses

I am forever grateful that I am able to bring my client's vision to life using my favorite medium of expression (flowers, of course). As any artist would, I can only hope that is authentically reflected through the work. I also encourage you to indulge in Jungle Island & his work here


All photos courtesy of Kovalski Jacques


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