#SaySukiiStyling The Naked Beginning

If you're one of the few that follow the socials, you might have realized that I've been talking about #saysukiieverything for a little while now. I'm currently sharing this to clarify what that all means to me. I want it to be clear that when I said #saysukiieverything, I really meant SAY SUKII EVERYTHING. & no, not just in regards to the meaning of "Say Sukii" (say you like it, say you love it) + "everything" but also that as a brand & floral experience provider, our clients have access to anything that can possibly include flowers. [quickly read here if you aren't familiar with the meaning of "Say Sukii"] 

So the short story goes... 

Owning your own business can feel a lot like being a little kid all over again. There are days when I feel that because I work for myself and I have no one to tell me "you can't do that", I can literally conquer anything I want to. I remember being a kid and wanting to be something new every single day. On some days I even wanted to be more than one thing. (& I know I'm not the only kid that felt/feels that way, as my 5 year old daughter feels like this - today!) Gratefully, over the past few months, running Say Sukii has felt just like that. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to make "clothing". And I did just that. I asked my friends (the flowers) to help me out... and we got it done, together.  

This was the beginning.

<3 Sukii_

<< a little BTS of me at work, in real life  >>

Yes, those are all fresh flowers & fresh foliage. 

Yes, Coryn (muse) was naked... well until we whipped up an outfit. 

Yes, Passion (photographer) is the sh_t. 

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We'd love to.