When THE FLOWER MAN himself requests a crown with the only direction being to incorporate his favorite flower you just have to come correct.

This last week in July I had the opportunity to style the Miami native and incredibly talented recording artist Twelve'len. Anyone that knows me well knows that I've been an actual fan of his work and genuinely love his music (& that's a fact in real life). You know how they say some people just have IT? Well yeah, he has IT and he's got a lot of IT. Because the Sukii thing to do would be to listen to his tracks as I enjoy these photos, I've provided you with his Soundcloud so you too can easily enjoy that experience. Clearly it's also that serious that I make you a fan... (if you're not already one of the many). ^_^

I also have the privilege of knowing this remarkable photographer personally, for over 15 years! Not only is he a great human being and friend but he's also put in a great deal of NOTABLE WORK in his industry. This epic photo series was taken by none other than Esdras Thelusma, affectionately know as "Photo Tea".

I urge you to familarize yourself with these two artists from my city... they are more than just "on the rise" and should definetily be considered "household names" of the near future. Trust me? 

<3 Sukii

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