Sooo.... you should definitely check out the creatives involved in the curation of this photo series & look book, it's pretty epic stuff !

Jahneen (IG), art/creative director, initially contacted me with a specific vision for 8and9's new fall collection, "Still Living".  With a name like that, it was only right that there be fresh flowers included in their upcoming promotional material. Say Sukii Flowers designed a few props for the set along with wardrobe accent pieces to add texture and contrast. It was a great day at work, as I was able to assist in bringing that vision to life - and it's also important to note that it was a pleasure working with the team to make it all happen. (yes, this is important to me). Smitty (IG), the man behind the lens who has built a pretty nice client list, made it all look so easy! It was an honor to work along side his talent. 

On September 6th, the 8and9 streetwear brand launched their "first full cut & sew collection" and if you're 'bout that streetwear life, check them out! #thisisnotanad #notsponsored #notaffiliated #justlove (: 

<3 Sukii




Creative Direction: Jahneen 

Photography:  Smitty D

Model: Chris

Floral Design: Say Sukii Styling


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