Flower Crown Bar @ "BLCK Bar" 7/23/17 Event Recap

On July 23rd, The BLCK Family hosted their infamous BLCK Bar led by the ever poppin Mixologist, Clyde Thompson. Guests paid one price and enjoyed an exciting social experience which included: drinks/food, live performances and a fire DJ set by Spinelli to conclude the perfect night. It's safe to say that The BLCK Family is winning with that event thing they got going on. As they rolled out their promo, the event flyers boasted : "An amuse-bouche style concept pairing inventive cocktails with kindred hors d'oeuvres" - which really just meant "Good ass drinks & good ass food!"

All that sounds awesome right? Right. But wait, there's more! Little did the [already excited] guests know, upon welcome their hosts had covered the tab so that the first 20 to arrive could also enjoy FREE CUSTOM MADE FLOWER CROWNS by Say Sukii! The guests began to arrive at 6:00PM and were greeted with a welcome drink (of course) and a fully loaded Say Sukii Flower Bar. The super lucky guests lined up by the bar to choose from a colorful assortment of fresh flowers and watched as I whipped up their creation. SN: Free flowers tho?! It sure does pay to get to events on time, huh? 

My favorite part of the flower crown bar experience is crowning the beauties and getting to watch them take that immediate selfie... because well, 2017. I also must mention for the record... my other favorite part are the tips... because well, let's be real! ^_^ 

Oh and can we talk about how later on that night I had to re-open the bar due to popular demand?! After the mixology experience, the actual party party started around 9:30PM. The rush of the later crowd arrived and flowers were being requested all night... until there weren't any supplies left! Long story short... the entire night was an incredible success and I hope you all in attendance enjoyed your #saysukiiflowers! I am grateful for each and every person that stopped by the bar to get crowned or even just catch a vibe.

Really, I am grateful in real life.

<3 Sukii,

Your Personal Florist. 

Photography by: Passion Ward 

Videopgraphy by: Rashaud Michel

Relive the love from the BLCK bar that took place July 23, 2017 at Woodfers Cafe in Wynwood, Miami. Flower Crowns adorned by Say Sukii, Cocktails created by Clyde Thompson, Music emitted by James Klynn, Passion Ward, Nad Pitt, the BLCK band and Spinelli and Art displayed by Jude.

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