BLCK Family 2 Year Anniversary Event 8/20 Recap

What is The BLCK Family, anyway?

When asked, they respond in a few general sentences:

"A Miami based creative collective responsible for the installation of a mobile performance art show centered around culinary, visual, performing and social arts. We are motivated by the desire to connect our communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and manifest love." 

Pretty epic magic, huh? Well on August 20th, 2017 they celebrated TWO YEARS of that magic and Say Sukii Flowers had the opportunity to contribute to the celebration vibes. 

Check out the photos below to see our floral installation. Fresh flowers & greenery adorned the walls and stage area of Gallery 920 along with a curated display of celebration styles by the styling dynamic duo, Amè Style. To add to the magic of the night, were perfectly executed performances by: Emcee James Klynn, DJ Spinelli, Drummer Larren Mellerson, and The Band Shenzi ! SN: I really like to think that aside from good flowers, I also know good music. These performers more than bless the "good music" category. I encourage you to check them out if you're into the best things in life.

Photography by: Passion Ward 

Interested in hiring Say Sukii Flowers to provide the flower vibes at your next event?

We'd LOVE to. 

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