"Say Sukii, Muse No.9" for Muses Of Miami - 2/1/18

My super mini but not toooo mini thank you letter to the Muses of Miami Collective: 


Dear Muses of Miami,

Thank you! Thank you


this beautiful feature,

this platform highlighting real love in my city, 

believing in my vision and providing a space for me and other creatives to create,

pushing me out of my comfort zone and in front of this camera,

and for all the fun I had working with your team! 


With Gratitude & Love, 



Meet Sukii, Floral artist and creative director.Sukii has a deep appreciation for flowers that's molded her into the flower artist she is today. Born and raised in Miami, Sukii started at the market which eventually led her to take floral art and design seriously. Today Sukii has an ongoing project called A Place To Say Sukii. The word Sukii is derived from a Japanese term that means to like or to love. As her project grows, Sukii wants nothing more than to inspire people to live in the present moment and to say they like it or love it.


Photography: KristabelMuses of Miami

Creative Direction: Kristabel / Sukii 

Videography: Anna



Oh & thank you again to the Muses of Miami Collective for sponsoring my second art show.

Check out the magic we brought to life together via the

 "Always Beautiful" showcase of the #APlaceToSaySukii Exhibition Series !