Roses w/Jaide & Jade styled by Sukii


image courtesy of Jade Lilly


image courtesy of Jade LILLY

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of styling a concept that was fulfilling to see come to life. It is for certain that a birthday signifies the celebration of life and also serves as a reminder of how things have changed in the course of days, months or years. For my lovely client Jaide, this birthday was special to her as it brought light to just how much she has blossomed into a resilient, strong and beautiful woman despite the adversity that has been placed on her path. Jaide decided she wanted to put together a visual to express how she felt about this year's birthday and contacted me for creative direction and styling. During our creation process I couldn't help but notice that one of the most beautiful aspects of life is how we subconsciously attract reflections of ourselves in the form of human interaction - that we can utilize as signs to help on our own personal journey. No, I haven't been given the same story or life experiences as Jaide, nonetheless I too can resonate with those same feelings of growth through adversity or feeling a sense of great pride and accomplishment for making it through a tough season - that could have felt like an emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental storm. 

It was special for me to be able to witness another young woman, like myself, taking the initiative to celebrate her self-love, growth, achievements, and all of the ups and downs in her journey thus far.

I find nature has a way of teaching us necessary life lessons in the most simple yet magnificent ways...

"Flowers that grow through the crack in the concrete", for example is one of my favorite symbol isms nature provides us with. Not all of us are going to have the "expected" story where we are given the tools needed on a silver plate to survive or make it to our "full potential" as a "fully blossomed" individual. However, even without all of the necessary tools and with our given adversities a lot of us are still pushing through, what feels like a little crack in the concrete. With self-love and a whole lot of perseverance, we can all make it to that beautiful blossomed stage where weget to reap the fruits (or roses) of our labor... and at that point, it's all good. <3



Jaide, thank you for being the best kind of client and allowing me to be a part of this experience!

& MAJOR love goes to our photographer, Jade (yes we had a lot of fun with the Jaide/Jade name thing all day lol) Jade you are a talented beam of beautiful light energy and your work speaks for itself! Thank you for being an absolute pleasure to work with! (Y'all hit her up for that work and tell her Sukii says hi ^_^)

FACT: I love my girl gang projects where we just aggressively fan girl about all the amazing things we each posses and love on each other in the most needed ways.

This is what the world needs. We are each other.

Yay for girl power, flower power, and all that.  



photography: Jade Liily

model: Jaide

styling/creative direction: Sukii


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