Roses w/Jaide & Jade styled by Sukii


image courtesy of Jade Lilly


image courtesy of Jade LILLY

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of styling a concept that was fulfilling to see come to life. It is for certain that a birthday signifies the celebration of life and also serves as a reminder of how things have changed in the course of days, months or years. For my lovely client Jaide, this birthday was special to her as it brought light to just how much she has blossomed into a resilient, strong and beautiful woman despite the adversity that has been placed on her path. Jaide decided she wanted to put together a visual to express how she felt about this year's birthday and contacted me for creative direction and styling. During our creation process I couldn't help but notice that one of the most beautiful aspects of life is how we subconsciously attract reflections of ourselves in the form of human interaction - that we can utilize as signs to help on our own personal journey. No, I haven't been given the same story or life experiences as Jaide, nonetheless I too can resonate with those same feelings of growth through adversity or feeling a sense of great pride and accomplishment for making it through a tough season - that could have felt like an emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental storm. 

It was special for me to be able to witness another young woman, like myself, taking the initiative to celebrate her self-love, growth, achievements, and all of the ups and downs in her journey thus far.

I find nature has a way of teaching us necessary life lessons in the most simple yet magnificent ways...

"Flowers that grow through the crack in the concrete", for example is one of my favorite symbol isms nature provides us with. Not all of us are going to have the "expected" story where we are given the tools needed on a silver plate to survive or make it to our "full potential" as a "fully blossomed" individual. However, even without all of the necessary tools and with our given adversities a lot of us are still pushing through, what feels like a little crack in the concrete. With self-love and a whole lot of perseverance, we can all make it to that beautiful blossomed stage where weget to reap the fruits (or roses) of our labor... and at that point, it's all good. <3



Jaide, thank you for being the best kind of client and allowing me to be a part of this experience!

& MAJOR love goes to our photographer, Jade (yes we had a lot of fun with the Jaide/Jade name thing all day lol) Jade you are a talented beam of beautiful light energy and your work speaks for itself! Thank you for being an absolute pleasure to work with! (Y'all hit her up for that work and tell her Sukii says hi ^_^)

FACT: I love my girl gang projects where we just aggressively fan girl about all the amazing things we each posses and love on each other in the most needed ways.

This is what the world needs. We are each other.

Yay for girl power, flower power, and all that.  



photography: Jade Liily

model: Jaide

styling/creative direction: Sukii


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"Say Sukii, Muse No.9" for Muses Of Miami - 2/1/18

My super mini but not toooo mini thank you letter to the Muses of Miami Collective: 


Dear Muses of Miami,

Thank you! Thank you


this beautiful feature,

this platform highlighting real love in my city, 

believing in my vision and providing a space for me and other creatives to create,

pushing me out of my comfort zone and in front of this camera,

and for all the fun I had working with your team! 


With Gratitude & Love, 



Meet Sukii, Floral artist and creative director.Sukii has a deep appreciation for flowers that's molded her into the flower artist she is today. Born and raised in Miami, Sukii started at the market which eventually led her to take floral art and design seriously. Today Sukii has an ongoing project called A Place To Say Sukii. The word Sukii is derived from a Japanese term that means to like or to love. As her project grows, Sukii wants nothing more than to inspire people to live in the present moment and to say they like it or love it.


Photography: KristabelMuses of Miami

Creative Direction: Kristabel / Sukii 

Videography: Anna



Oh & thank you again to the Muses of Miami Collective for sponsoring my second art show.

Check out the magic we brought to life together via the

 "Always Beautiful" showcase of the #APlaceToSaySukii Exhibition Series !

"Healing The Feeling" - APTSS 003 Recap

 image courtesy of zayna Elaine

image courtesy of zayna Elaine

Soooo I'm still very much on a high from the beautiful vibrations that we shared this past weekend. Also super overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all of you that came thru to connect in real life. This third exhibition in the A PLACE TO SAY SUKII series was a beautiful learning experience for me that turned out greater than I could have ever imagined. As always, I have much to say and am so excited to share the full recap on this experience - including visuals & exhibition details. SOON.

So while the full recap loads... and as a small token of my appreciation (instead of leaving you hanging, just waiting to relive the magic) I decided to release the exclusive playlist that Saturday night's guests experienced first hand - you know, to get your mind right before this weekend's full moon/turn up:

"HEALING THE FEELING" a playlist curated by SPINELLI & FRIENDS for

Exhibit 3 of 5: "listen to your heART".

The "listen to your heART" exhibit shed light on the fact that often times when words fail, recorded music has the ability to speak for our feelings and help us navigate through them instead. Spinelli helps us explore the importance of listening and #healingthefeeling through the universal language - MUSIC. 


Enjoy "Healing The Feeling" via Apple Music & Spotify now.

Feel free to share the vibes and let me know your favorite track! <3


 exhibit iii of v: "listen to your heart"

exhibit iii of v: "listen to your heart"

there's growth in those hard places - listen to your heart

healing the feeling - via Apple Music & Spotify

image courtesy of zaida rose photo





Stay tuned for the full A Place To Say Sukii 003: "Healing The Feeling" recap

coming soon!



"Always Beautiful" - APTSS 002 Recap

 Image courtesy of Kosi Victor

Image courtesy of Kosi Victor

A Place To Say Sukii

Exhibition 002: "Always Beautiful"

February 9, 2018 : Gallery Launch Event

February 13, 2018 : Valentine's Day Pop Up Shop

Location :  Ropa Vieja - Hialeah Miami, FL

Powered by : Muses of Miami & Ropa Vieja

Dear You, 

It was all a dream.


Expanding my business into my own personal playground of expression? Yes, that was all just a dream that I could have never imagined feeling this heartwarming. *cries* 

I'm not sure exactly when it happened but as I reflect back, I feel like it was more so just an evolution of my relationship with flowers that brought me to where I am today. It's no secret that as a Florist, I absolutely love what I do. I always knew I wanted to explore the possibilities beyond the traditional "flower shop" boundaries. The day came where I saw the flowers as more than just ornamental or decoration but as a medium for deep self-expression and relatively unconventional art. 

I have a long way to go to actualize my goal of this new found artist platform and it's a fact that The "A Place To Say Sukii" Exhibition Series has a lot more to offer to the world, so for now i just want to let you know that I am happy to have started this new journey and much like a really good dream that we don't want to wake up from when we hear the alarm going off... I am so ready to keep on dreaming and see what other magical moments I can experience along the way. 

I am grateful for this beautiful beginning.

I am grateful for the learning opportunities that naturally derive from a new endeavor. 

I am grateful for EVERYONE that stopped by these events. I am because you are.

With Gratitude

In Real Life,



Above images courtesy of Kosi Victor

What is Always Beautiful Anyway?

This particular February installation entitled “Always Beautiful” of the A PLACE TO SAY SUKII exhibition series is built around the concept "we are always beautiful." For this particular installation, A PLACE TO SAY SUKII promotes the concept that there is always beauty to be found in every stage of life. It promotes the concept that similar to the primary medium used in the artwork (flowers), we too will not last forever in any one specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state. We are always changing & evolving, just like flowers and as we do so through the many stages of life, we are always beautiful.

The exhibition title boasts the affirmation “Say Sukii” which was originally created as a play on words, meaning to “say you like it” or “say you love it” (derived from the word “suki” in Japanese culture that translates in English to the word "like/love”).

A Place To Say Sukii = A Place To Say You Love It.

 Photo courtesy of Kosi Victor

Photo courtesy of Kosi Victor

#APlaceToSaySukii #APTSSAlwaysBeautiful #SaySukiiFlowers


Photography courtesy of Phil Nice

#APlaceToSaySukii #APTSSAlwaysBeautiful #SaySukiiFlowers


Photography courtesy of Amor Capdevila

P.S. -

As a mother, business owner and artist often times it's difficult to find the perfect balance in it all. However, my 5 year old daughter has made finding that balance a bit easier because she's literally my biggest fan and most genuine supporter. Her unconditional love and encouragement put the battery in my back and I am beyond grateful that this is our story. 

Here's a few pics of her giving guests "a tour" and her personal take on the exhibit!!

Yes, my heart did almost explode.

P.P.S. -

A HUGE and special shout out to my favorite Taylor Crosley of Ame Style for designing these outfits for us! She is magical with her hands - please hit her up for all of your styling needs! <3 

P.P.P.S - 

With all that was going on this year with the installation and the collaboration projects all being in the height of my holiday season (Valentine's Day) I decided to have a one stop Pop Up Shop for clients to pick up their pre-orders and also enjoy the exhibit! I am ever grateful to my clients that make my business possible and the folks at Ropa Vieja for allowing me to use your space and being such a pleasure to work with!

Here are a few pics of Tuesday night's fun! (More pics on the way)

Photography courtesy of Amor Capdevila


  • Roselena, Tiffton, Taylor, James Klynn, Spinelli, Shedine, Passion and Amiyah Qi for all of your help and dedication to the late night installation that brought this vision to life! You all are the real MVPs.
  • Kristabel, Creative Director at Muses Of Miami / Sponsorship
  • Kyle, Owner of Ropa Vieja / Sponsorship
  • DJ's Naj & Victor
  • 305 Vibe Food Truck

Wait... PSA!

If you are one of those awesome humans that have good vibes only, YOU are cordially invited to the third exhibition in the APTSS Series 

"Healing The Feeling" 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

6:00pm - 12:00am

Wynwood, Miami



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"11.19 MOOD" + Say Sukii Turns 2



There will be moments when 

You will bloom fully and then

Wilt, only to bloom again.

If we can learn anything from 

flowers it is that resilience is born

Even when we feel like we are


- Alex Elle, Neon Soul.

11.19 MOOD

I was once asked the question, “How do flowers make you feel?”  I stopped for just a second and thought to myself, “Wow, that’s a tough one". But then it clicked, almost immediately after my initial thought. I felt a deep sense of confidence in further responding that “flowers made me feel connected to something greater". I went on to say how "The concept of creation, life cycles, honoring beauty in the moment, sharing love bringing joy, focusing on positivity, death… to me, all that is easier to understand through the flowers.” At the time, I hadn’t realized that this same proclamation was a tiny seed being planted for the mood that would later take over and assist in my next rebirth. 

They say the two most important days of our lives are the day we are born & the day we find out why. This project is dedicated to 11.19 aka the day I was born & the same day, many years later, that I would launch a business that would help me to find out why.  11.19 signifies birth, rebirth, finding, growing, transformation, love, light... "issa mood". 

Moments where words had failed me while attempting to express myself, I would try to stay inspired. Inspiration was necessary to help open up a part of me that would bring the feelings to the surface. I’ve accepted the fact that the feelings MUST surface so that I could begin to heal. So that I too could make it to the surface and shine in the light. 

I’ve been able to find a lot of what I feel in art and of course my mother, Nature. I find representation and I am able to understand my Self more. Understanding my Self more ultimately translates to self-motivation, being an inspiration for myself and others, and peace from within… which leads to peace in all areas of my life, for the win. 

Once I began to start to heal, I felt it was my duty to find a way to help others heal along the way - just as I need help to heal as well. This is me being born again and being represented in a way that I can finally understand so clearly. You know, like the moment when you're looking at a conceptual art piece in a gallery and suddenly see EXACTLY what the artist was going for? 

There is really so much more... But for now you can catch me in the light. Being my Self. The Self that I had been looking for. I am accepting EVERY SINGLE MOMENT experienced thus far, that has led me to the present time. I am grateful.

It hasn’t been easy to get here and I know it won’t be easy to get to where I'm going but I’ll always remember that every flower that ever bloomed had to get through a whole lot of dirt to get there. 

Here’s the “first swing” of the 11.19 MOOD Project with details on complete set design concept coming soon. 

For now, enjoy this mood board including introductory photos & video. Further details on set design concepts & inspiration coming soon. 


11.19 MOOD to be continued…

#SaySukiiTurns2 #1119MOOD

.click photo to open gallery.


Photographer: Ken Irish

Styling, Creative Direction, Muse: Say Sukii

Mood: 11.19

+ further details on complete set design concept coming soon


K.I.D.D.O by Kiddo Marv, styled by Say Sukii

"Remember, every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there."


On November 17th Kiddo Marv releases his highly anticipated project titled "K.I.D.D.O. - Kingz In Denial Don't Overcome". I had the privilege of assisting in the creative direction of the images that would accompany the project.

Photographer, Esdras Thelusma aka Photo Tea has worked on a long list of projects that bring love, awareness and truly authentic captures of Miami, the city he calls home. If you know, you know! If not, do yourself a favor & check out his work. Thank me later. 

Working on this project really hit home for me (literally), as both Kiddo & Esdras are pretty major "hometown heroes" in their respective fields. Born and raised in Miami, my love for the city and being able to represent the truth & light here, in the most authentic way, is important to me. When the world thinks "Miami", they think the glittery & often times plastic South Beach. However, when the locals "on the other side" think Miami... they think and FEEL A LOT more than just that. The work, these guys produce, represent a huge part of the Miami truth that needs to be heard around the world, a whole lot more. 

The concept for the shoot curated was born from the idea that many of us and our struggling brothers and sisters live a life that we were born into. Remembering where we REALLY come from & that we are Kings & Queens gives us the ability to do the best we can in life. We are all just striving to make it out and help as many people along the way to do the same. 

The use of flowers are a staple in promoting natural beauty and peace. Today, and for past decades, Individuals wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace and love. This photo series is also dedicated to that notion, and supporting those same ideals for today and the future.

Don't shoot bullets! Use your "weapon" of truth and love to combat the issues. Shoot out lots of truth as you tell stories to enlighten and uplift the people. As creatives, we use our different art forms/chosen mediums to tell the stories. Using our "automatic weapons" of truth and love to shoot out the good vibes only is our best bet (if you asked me).

I feel it is most important to understand where we come from and embrace the struggles so that we can utilize the struggle to assist in shaping our future for the better. Kings In Denial [of their truth] Don't Overcome.... and never will. So go deep, acknowledge the pain, the hurt, the beauty, the struggles, the light, the darkness, the tough circumstances, and the mistakes so that you can make it out.... much like a flower blooming. "Remember, every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there."


Photography & Creative Direction: Esdras "PhotoTea" Thelusma

Styling & Creative Direction: Say Sukii

Inspiration: "K.I.D.D.O. - Kingz In Denial Don't Overcome" by Kiddo Marv


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10/22 Preach + Jungle Island Event Recap






Preach aka Mr. Miller, musical genius in real life & humble creative, recently released a project titled Jungle Island. 

I was honored to be a part of the magic that he put together for the preview event as I understand how special this project is to him! He wanted to play on the dichotomy of his hometown, Miami. The two very contrasting elements that Miami embodies, can be metaphorically compared to that of a treacherous jungle and also that of a beautiful island. 

Preach allowed me to transform the stage and the most important elements of the music, the instruments! The goal was simply to embody the feels he sought out to portray through the work on the project. Using fresh flowers, greenery, & earthly elements I'd like to say we accomplished just that!

Check out the photos & styling details below! <3


above: preach + keytar, styled in orchids

above: ob + bass guitar, styled in orchids & ruscus & roses

above: jarryd + saxophone, styled in ruscus

above: set styled in palm leaves & willow & birds of paradise & heliconia & roses

I am forever grateful that I am able to bring my client's vision to life using my favorite medium of expression (flowers, of course). As any artist would, I can only hope that is authentically reflected through the work. I also encourage you to indulge in Jungle Island & his work here


All photos courtesy of Kovalski Jacques


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10/2 Kids Workshop Recap


On Monday, October 2nd, Say Sukii Flowers had the honor of providing flower child vibes for Green Dreams an all kid event & the first installment of the "Little Ladies & Gents Children's Expo Series" curated by the extraordinary 7 year old Yaheli!

Yaheli, Event Organizer. 

While the kids were out of school on a "teacher planning day", Yaheli (with the help of her loving & supportive parents) put together the opportunity for kids, ages 5 - 11, to attend the cutest workshop and learn about the brilliance of farm to table eating, urban farming & the power of Aquaponics. From 10:00am to 2:00pm, attendees took over the Smart Bites To Go restaurant and indulged in a guided educational tour experience, yummy snacks & lunch that incorporated "homegrown" vegetables & herbs, and flower activations by us! Clearly, this expo was official... the ticket price even included really awesome sponsored product giveaways!

Our workshop activation included a flower arranging & a flower painting exercise! The kids enjoyed creating with different mediums and textures to bring to life their very own masterpieces! They learned about the beauty of working with and caring for living things (flowers). My favorite part of the day was watching the kids decide that they would give their arrangements to someone special in their life! We wrote lots of "to: mommy" & "to: grandma" tags! 

Just check out these little faces & creations! My heart was sooo full after this event! <3 

Would you like to hire Say Sukii Flowers to provide the flower child vibes at your next event?

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Flowers + Family Portraits


family portraits

styled by: say sukii

photography by: ra image

featuring: aja monet, umi selah, smokey baldwin & melonius miles

(aka mom, dad, smokey & melo)


BTS FUN FACT #1: Young brothers, Smokey & Melo, were REALLY good boys behind the camera. Shout out to great dog parenting. 

BTS FUN FACT #2: He arranged this SURPRISE photoshoot for her to be adorned in flowers & surrounded by her family... all to celebrate the magic of the day she was born onto this earth! #lovegoalsinreallife

BTS FUN FACT #3 Watching this moment get captured on set, this ever so genuine moment (see below), was the most fulfilling. Really and truly we wanted nothing more than to see her happy as she celebrated her legendary life on this special day. Ah, what a smile! *heart eyes emoji* #blessedearthstronggirlfriend

BTS FUN FACT #4: #LOVERIOT will soon take over the world. Stay tuned.

(call it a prophecy if you want)

just remember you heard it here first.


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What's Normal Anyway?


In today's society, the constant images we see often become the premise of what we perceive to be "acceptable" or not, "normal" or not, "cool" or not, "trending" or not, and so on...

As a creative that enjoys the beauty and intricacies of conceptual art, I find it important to produce content that not only breaks barriers but questions the audience to find "normalcy" and beauty in any and every thing.

It's almost common knowledge that flowers, for decades, have been a staple in promoting peace and natural beauty. The popular term "flower child" can be dated back to the late 60's, when individuals would wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace and love.  This photo series is dedicated to that notion, and supporting those same ideals for today and the future.  

So back to the normalcy thing: Is it normal for masculine figures to be adorned in fresh flowers? 

What's normal anyway? (Miguel voice)

.click to view.

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SN: All of the muses for this project are actually super talented creatives in their respective fields. Do yourself a favor and check them out, become a fan and "Say Sukii" (say you like/love 'em) <3




Passion Ward

Muses: (in order of appearance)

Brandon Ra - visual artist

Marcel - singer/ songwriter

Sekajipo - performing artist, activist

James Klynn - poet, emcee, educator

Floral Styling & Creative Direction: 

Say Sukii

A Green Dream


As a flower girl, I'm naturally a fan of all flowers and all colors Mother Earth gives birth to. However, to me, it seems like there's an extra rich beauty that exudes from the greens and foliage of the earth, which makes working with the different textures and colors of green such a pleasure.

This particular wedding holds a special place in my heart as the bride and groom, Amor & Memo, are good friends of mine. I fell in love with the pieces and was honored to be able to bring the bride's vision to life - the green dream.

I'm excited to share with you all the details from this wedding and the love that was all so brilliantly captured by Diana Lupu Photography. 

After being a part of & attending this wedding, I knew I had witnessed real love in real life.

Congratulations to you both on finding forever.

I am ever grateful for allowing me to be a part of your special day.


Interested in having Say Sukii Flowers a part of your special day?

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Halloween 2017 + #SaySukiiStyling

Are you dressing up this year?

Have you decided on a costume yet? Maybe you're thinking Pacha Mama, Flower Child, Adam & Eve, Mother Nature, Poison Ivy, any earthly Goddess, Field of Flowers, etc. etc. etc.? 

Really, ANYTHING you want to add flowers/greenery to, to fully bring the vibes, we can help!

Allow Say Sukii Flowers to design the wardrobe that will be sure to kill any halloween costume contest with FRESH FLOWER garments!

We create full outfits, single piece garments, and/or accessories.

Silk/Faux flowers also available.

All designs are custom per your request and will be made-to-order.

Rates TBD based upon request.

Please note: Fresh flower garments will remain fresh for about 24 hours after production. Silk/Faux flowers last forever.

Please allow 5-7 days of production time (a surcharge will be applied to rush orders needed in under 5 days) 




Blendid Oils Styled By Say Sukii


Blendid Oils were created as a natural alternative to body and self care. They are all natural, hand crafted, and infused with cannabis oil to create signature blends that are designed to relieve stress, discomfort and acute ailments.

Kyra, Owner & Curator at Blendid Oils, reached out to us to style the photoshoot that would assist in bringing her signature blends to life as she set out to launch her company. 

As an on-the-regular essential oils user and fan of the body oil experience I was naturally excited to be a part of this project. It was also a huge plus & an absolute pleasure to work with this all girl team. The creative team consisted of the beautiful models, photography by the brilliant Krystal Greaves of Afrohueman Visuals, make up by Zanetta C, styling by Say Sukii and directed by Kyra. YESSS for girl power! 


BLEND 1 - "stress fix" feat. lavender & sage

model wears: fresh lavender & fresh sage head piece & bouquet


BLEND 2 - "energy" feat. lemongrass & ylang ylang

model wears: lily grass choker, lily grass infused lemon bouquet, green dendrobium orchids in hair as ylang ylang inspiration 


BLEND 3 - "vanilla" feat. vanilla & sandalwood

model wears: fresh cymbidium orchid as vanilla orchid inspiration




brand: blendid oils

photography: krystal greaves of afrohueman visuals

make up artist: zanetta c

models: bree, sabii, alexsa

floral design & styling: say sukii flowers


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THE Tomii Culmer + #SaySukiiStyling

To My Fellow Creatives: Anyone familiar with that moment when you have a vision for something you want to see come to life, so you immediately start to think of all the ways to make it happen? Maybe it takes days or even weeks to find all the answers but in that moment you might start thinking of: 

  • what materials you will need to get it done,
  • how much it's going to cost you,
  • what day on your ever busy schedule you have to fit in the new project ,
  • best location options that aren't "overdone"
  • what photographer is going to capture your vision best,
  • who's the perfect model to translate your creation into something the masses could resonate with?
  • will the photographer & muse have the chemistry to produce the quality content your vision deserves?
  • etc. ect. ect. 

Yeah? Me too, Fellow Creative me too.

One day, while working on my never-ending styling portfolio, I had this vision to create a functional "fresh flower scarf" and of course all of these thoughts ran through my mind... but this time it came together in a matter of minutes! 

Although my thoughts came together in a matter of minutes, I don't believe I was any less prepared for the magic that the three of us were about to conjure up. I honestly believe it couldn't have had a more smooth execution. As creatives, we tend to be hard on ourselves during the creation process and then so critical of our work after its done. We don't usually take a minute to really relish in the work that was produced, appreciate our ability to get it done, and pat ourselves on the back for being the shit!  Not every project is going to be a huge task, a hard brainstorm, or even a long drawn out process. There's so much magic in the art of the "impromptu project". 


So here's me taking the time to appreciate a few awesome things about this project:

  1. Tomii (model) just happened to be in town the week of my vision and we had been itching to work together again since our first photoshoot back in April! I cannot imagine anyone more perfect for the job, as you can CLEARLY see via her killing the pieces in these photos. 
  2. Tomii was also a Miss. Universe contestant in 2014. Like really? How'd I get so blessed to work with this gem!  
  3. Passion (photographer), who is also a personal favorite of mine (you'll find more of her work sprinkled throughout the blog) made herself available to get the job done, despite her actually really busy schedule that day.  
  4. I picked up the flowers that morning with no clue how I wanted it to turn out in real life, yet finished BOTH pieces (crown & scarf) in under an hour. AND was completely excited about the end result! 

Thank you, Universe. Always coming in the clutch.

Wonderfully enough, I personally know both the model & photographer and I enjoy the chemistry we share on set. What I enjoy most about the project is the level of passion that exudes thru the photos. Both Tomii & Passion have a way of translating the love they have for their craft into their work and it is inspiring to be a part of a team with that depth. This shoot was not just business but also an afternoon of pleasure including an after work feast. You know its a good day when your lunch consists of sushi, ceviche, & french fries. Haha, yes I said sushi, ceviche, AND French fries. 

*Kind of important to note: At Say Sukii Flowers, we are all about the vibes and yummy food is always a vibe... ^_^

Interested in #SaySukiiStyling for your next project or photoshoot? Contact us with the details!

We'd love to. 



BLCK Family 2 Year Anniversary Event 8/20 Recap

What is The BLCK Family, anyway?

When asked, they respond in a few general sentences:

"A Miami based creative collective responsible for the installation of a mobile performance art show centered around culinary, visual, performing and social arts. We are motivated by the desire to connect our communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and manifest love." 

Pretty epic magic, huh? Well on August 20th, 2017 they celebrated TWO YEARS of that magic and Say Sukii Flowers had the opportunity to contribute to the celebration vibes. 

Check out the photos below to see our floral installation. Fresh flowers & greenery adorned the walls and stage area of Gallery 920 along with a curated display of celebration styles by the styling dynamic duo, Amè Style. To add to the magic of the night, were perfectly executed performances by: Emcee James Klynn, DJ Spinelli, Drummer Larren Mellerson, and The Band Shenzi ! SN: I really like to think that aside from good flowers, I also know good music. These performers more than bless the "good music" category. I encourage you to check them out if you're into the best things in life.

Photography by: Passion Ward 

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Sooo.... you should definitely check out the creatives involved in the curation of this photo series & look book, it's pretty epic stuff !

Jahneen (IG), art/creative director, initially contacted me with a specific vision for 8and9's new fall collection, "Still Living".  With a name like that, it was only right that there be fresh flowers included in their upcoming promotional material. Say Sukii Flowers designed a few props for the set along with wardrobe accent pieces to add texture and contrast. It was a great day at work, as I was able to assist in bringing that vision to life - and it's also important to note that it was a pleasure working with the team to make it all happen. (yes, this is important to me). Smitty (IG), the man behind the lens who has built a pretty nice client list, made it all look so easy! It was an honor to work along side his talent. 

On September 6th, the 8and9 streetwear brand launched their "first full cut & sew collection" and if you're 'bout that streetwear life, check them out! #thisisnotanad #notsponsored #notaffiliated #justlove (: 

<3 Sukii




Creative Direction: Jahneen 

Photography:  Smitty D

Model: Chris

Floral Design: Say Sukii Styling


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#SaySukiiStyling The Naked Beginning

If you're one of the few that follow the socials, you might have realized that I've been talking about #saysukiieverything for a little while now. I'm currently sharing this to clarify what that all means to me. I want it to be clear that when I said #saysukiieverything, I really meant SAY SUKII EVERYTHING. & no, not just in regards to the meaning of "Say Sukii" (say you like it, say you love it) + "everything" but also that as a brand & floral experience provider, our clients have access to anything that can possibly include flowers. [quickly read here if you aren't familiar with the meaning of "Say Sukii"] 

So the short story goes... 

Owning your own business can feel a lot like being a little kid all over again. There are days when I feel that because I work for myself and I have no one to tell me "you can't do that", I can literally conquer anything I want to. I remember being a kid and wanting to be something new every single day. On some days I even wanted to be more than one thing. (& I know I'm not the only kid that felt/feels that way, as my 5 year old daughter feels like this - today!) Gratefully, over the past few months, running Say Sukii has felt just like that. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to make "clothing". And I did just that. I asked my friends (the flowers) to help me out... and we got it done, together.  

This was the beginning.

<3 Sukii_

<< a little BTS of me at work, in real life  >>

Yes, those are all fresh flowers & fresh foliage. 

Yes, Coryn (muse) was naked... well until we whipped up an outfit. 

Yes, Passion (photographer) is the sh_t. 

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When THE FLOWER MAN himself requests a crown with the only direction being to incorporate his favorite flower you just have to come correct.

This last week in July I had the opportunity to style the Miami native and incredibly talented recording artist Twelve'len. Anyone that knows me well knows that I've been an actual fan of his work and genuinely love his music (& that's a fact in real life). You know how they say some people just have IT? Well yeah, he has IT and he's got a lot of IT. Because the Sukii thing to do would be to listen to his tracks as I enjoy these photos, I've provided you with his Soundcloud so you too can easily enjoy that experience. Clearly it's also that serious that I make you a fan... (if you're not already one of the many). ^_^

I also have the privilege of knowing this remarkable photographer personally, for over 15 years! Not only is he a great human being and friend but he's also put in a great deal of NOTABLE WORK in his industry. This epic photo series was taken by none other than Esdras Thelusma, affectionately know as "Photo Tea".

I urge you to familarize yourself with these two artists from my city... they are more than just "on the rise" and should definetily be considered "household names" of the near future. Trust me? 

<3 Sukii

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Flower Crown Bar @ "BLCK Bar" 7/23/17 Event Recap

On July 23rd, The BLCK Family hosted their infamous BLCK Bar led by the ever poppin Mixologist, Clyde Thompson. Guests paid one price and enjoyed an exciting social experience which included: drinks/food, live performances and a fire DJ set by Spinelli to conclude the perfect night. It's safe to say that The BLCK Family is winning with that event thing they got going on. As they rolled out their promo, the event flyers boasted : "An amuse-bouche style concept pairing inventive cocktails with kindred hors d'oeuvres" - which really just meant "Good ass drinks & good ass food!"

All that sounds awesome right? Right. But wait, there's more! Little did the [already excited] guests know, upon welcome their hosts had covered the tab so that the first 20 to arrive could also enjoy FREE CUSTOM MADE FLOWER CROWNS by Say Sukii! The guests began to arrive at 6:00PM and were greeted with a welcome drink (of course) and a fully loaded Say Sukii Flower Bar. The super lucky guests lined up by the bar to choose from a colorful assortment of fresh flowers and watched as I whipped up their creation. SN: Free flowers tho?! It sure does pay to get to events on time, huh? 

My favorite part of the flower crown bar experience is crowning the beauties and getting to watch them take that immediate selfie... because well, 2017. I also must mention for the record... my other favorite part are the tips... because well, let's be real! ^_^ 

Oh and can we talk about how later on that night I had to re-open the bar due to popular demand?! After the mixology experience, the actual party party started around 9:30PM. The rush of the later crowd arrived and flowers were being requested all night... until there weren't any supplies left! Long story short... the entire night was an incredible success and I hope you all in attendance enjoyed your #saysukiiflowers! I am grateful for each and every person that stopped by the bar to get crowned or even just catch a vibe.

Really, I am grateful in real life.

<3 Sukii,

Your Personal Florist. 

Photography by: Passion Ward 

Videopgraphy by: Rashaud Michel

Relive the love from the BLCK bar that took place July 23, 2017 at Woodfers Cafe in Wynwood, Miami. Flower Crowns adorned by Say Sukii, Cocktails created by Clyde Thompson, Music emitted by James Klynn, Passion Ward, Nad Pitt, the BLCK band and Spinelli and Art displayed by Jude.

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On this journey I've learned that mastering the art of "the collab" is vital to success and evolution.

In the recent year(s), the universe has placed some pretty dope souls along my path and I'm literally just doing the best I can to keep 'em around. I want to be the best human being I can to them as well - golden rule kinda ting, you know? I've also learned the importance of focusing on what IS working in your life versus what is NOT working - I apply this theory to the people in my life as well (google the law of attraction if you've been sleeping).

We all have goals that we want to achieve, right? We are all aware that we can't do everything on our own, right? And we're all here on earth to love/help each other, right?

Right. Right. And right.

Anyone heard of the Barter System? RIGHT!! 

I've been working on my collab game and its getting pretty strong, if I do say so myself. I say all this to say... again... mastering the art of "the collab" is vital to success and evolution... on many levels (& in this case the artist & brand development level).

As an artist & creative, being able to work with my primary medium (flowers) and other creatives to reach one common goal is EVERYTHING to me. This project really brought light into my life and love into my heart as the 4 of us made magic... all reaching our personal goals, together.




bar·ter [system] /bärdər/ 

noun - the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money.

col·lab /kəˈlab/

noun - a collaboration.

verb - collaborate on a project.

ev·o·lu·tion /evəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/

noun - the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

suc·cess /səkˈses/

noun - the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.


AMOR - designer/model 

I KNOW there's nothing Amor can't do... which she more than proves with this bomb ass two piece she just whipped up herself, moments before I arrived ready to work. She's literally a Renaissance Woman Boss Pacha Mama Healer Queen and YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT HER WORK AT YOUPLUSLIFE.COM 

ALEEM ALI - photography

One of the coolest souls I've encountered. He's got immeasurable talent and wears a uniform of humility. He's also the plug for location scouting... clearly. This magical earthy wonderland vibration is everything awesome.

AMIYAH QI - flower child set vibes

"When bring your child to work day gets real and she actually works". 

In real life its hard to have your kids on set, but if you play your cards right they can serve as comical entertainment, cheerleaders, inspiration, and/or impromptu models. ^_^

SUKII - floral design/floral styling

That's me. Say Sukii Flowers. 

Mixed Media: Roses, Sunflowers, Hypericum, Ornamental Kale, Pincushion, Plumosa Fern, Italian Ruscus

FUN FACT #1 : the fresh greens choker was one of my favorite creations. Sometimes the small things really are the big things. Duality be like...

.click images to enlarge.

FUN FACT #2 : We did not plan to coordinate the colors of the garments with the colors of the flowers. Vibrating on the same frequency be like... 

FUN FACT #3 : So it was bring your child to work day (as it almost always is at Say Sukii Flowers) and she kept asking to be a part of the shoot. We finally gave in and let her in front of the camera... then this magic happened! Ahh, I just LOVE how baby girl keeps it so real and always true to herself. #momprenuer life be like...  

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